Melting snow

The beach in Traverse City, Michigan in early April

I like to consider possibilities.

What if ?…

What if you, yes – you, experienced a healing through Christian Science? I have, and I’ll tell you, feeling the power of God make you better, you’d never be quite the same.

And what if you experienced healing this way again? Wouldn’t you start to think that there’s a system involved here, a method, a science?

What if everyone knew about the potential Christian Science provides for healing?  Yes, through spiritual means, having been proven effective many times over, as seen in over 80,000 published accounts of healing in the Christian Science periodicals over some 140 years (not to mention, who knows how many, unpublished accounts). And how it not only heals bodily ailments but how it also enhances entire lives, in happiness, in safety, in provision, in character. And how it helps one to feel closer to God, and to experience His love in even the little details of one’s day.

What if everyone were free enough of misconceptions and doubts to give it a try? Just give it a try? What if everyone experienced this kind of healing for themselves?

Is it just me, or does it seem like the snow is finally melting away ?

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