In The News for Mental Health Month

May was National Mental Health Month here in the U.S.

Here are brief excerpts from five interesting news stories on the subject that show things we’re learning, new approaches that are being tried to treat mental health issues, and a recognition that spirituality is important.

1. Healing the invisible wounds: Mental Health Month
Lahontan Valley News in Nevada, May 1, Special to the LVN
“As a society, we are just beginning to deal with trauma — bringing it out of the shadows, finding new ways of healing its wounds, and casting off the shame that prevents trauma survivors from seeking help,” said Bowles
[Note: Cheryl Bowles, LCSW is Clinic Director, Fallon MHC]

2. Mental health hinges on striking a balance
Fort Francis Times Online in Ontario, Canada, May 7, by Nancy Daley Fulton (Fort Frances branch, CMHA)
“Maintaining our mental health means striking a balance in all aspects of your life: social, physical, spiritual, economic, and mental.”

3. Mindfulness Meditation Is Used To Prevent And Treat PTSD, May 29 by Thomas James
“The U.S. Military is using new techniques to help reduce PTSD and increase soldier resiliency.”
“They found that regular practice of mindfulness meditation is linked to a decrease in stress and slows the development of functional impairments in high stress situations.”

4. Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s isn’t always accurate
USA Today, May 17, by Robin Erb, Detroit Free Press
“The research is based mostly on small studies but also on an ongoing, long-term study supported by the National Institute on Aging, which is part of the National Institutes of Health. In cases reviewed so far, about one-third of Alzheimer’s diagnoses were incorrect, according to the lead researcher, Lon White.”

5. Houston Becomes Epicenter for Mental Health Research and Treatment as The Menninger Clinic Relocates to 50-Acre Hospital Near Texas Medical Center
PR Newswire, April 12, Source: The Menninger Clinic
“Every patient room and common area has views of natural light, which according to evidence-based design principles, helps patients’ well-being. There are ample indoor and outdoor conversation and gathering places as well as expansive green spaces with trees.  Additional features that support patients’ well-being and recovery include: an interfaith chapel, expressive art room, sculpture garden, meditation labyrinth and a wellness center…”


For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” II Timothy 1:7 (KJV)

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