Do you need to get above life’s storms?

Tropical Storm Debby over Florida (Photo from courtesy of NASA Goddard Photo and Video under Creative Commons license)

Did you know that you can and that a spiritual perspective – spiritual vision – is the ticket?

Last week while enroute to a meeting in Miami I flew over Tropical Storm Debby. The pilot pointed out to us the blue spot at the center of the large area of circular clouds indicating that this was the eye of the storm. I was struck by how bright, sunny, and peaceful it was above the clouds. It was a little hard picturing all the wind and rain going on beneath those same clouds.

It’s peaceful in the eye of a storm. So, what if we were always in the eye? Above a storm the weather is sunny and clear. So, what if we could always get above life’s storm clouds?

Spiritual vision is not subordinate to geometric altitudes“¹ writes Mary Baker Eddy.

Spiritual vision is the vehicle that lifts one above the raging elements of a stormy experience. And this can be exercised by anyone anytime, anywhere. Spiritual vision is an airline ticket to freedom from troubling winds of change or destructive clouds of disease.

Spirituality is often expressed as feeling a connection to the divine. Viewing what’s going on through a lens of spirituality, with an awareness of the divine presence and the safety, calm, and peace that come with it, makes life brighter and sunnier. This isn’t an ignoring of problems, but a transforming of experience. It’s like getting into the eye of the storm or getting above the storm clouds.

Paul in the Bible said, “…be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”²

Years ago, one day while in middle school I had a bad headache. The discomfort persisted like a pounding rain. I prayed silently for about five minutes. This helped me feel God’s presence. I felt cared for. It occurred to me that God, being infinite Spirit, did not have a headache and that as a child of God created in His image and likeness I couldn’t have one if He didn’t. And just then I realized that the headache was completely gone. I was now in the eye of the storm as it were, feeling peaceful and rested.

Spiritual vision lifted my thought above the discomfort and I found myself free, where all was peaceful and bright and sunny – physically.

This gives new meaning to the phrase “on a wing and a prayer”³ !


¹ Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 215.   ² KJV Romans 12:2   ³ 1942 film The Flying Tigers, screenplay by Kenneth Gamet and Barry Trivers and song by Harold Adamson and Jimmie McHugh entitled Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer, 1943; Click here for more information on the phrase.
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