IN THE NEWS Prayer and love heal a wounded butterfly

Let’s see if I can help him with a jolt of energy, a thought of love and perhaps a prayer.” writes Phil Mikan in the New Britain Herald in Connecticut last Sunday. This is what he thought when he came across a wounded butterfly.

Butterfly on the beach (© Stock photos/ )

It’s interesting to me that he had been researching “the energy we call love” for several months leading up to this.

Mary Baker Eddy also found that Love heals. She grew up in New England and founded the Christian Science church and wrote in a message¹ to her church, “The energy that saves sinners and heals the sick is divine: and Love is the Principle thereof.”

This experience with a butterfly is, as Mikan himself calls it, a very special story. He also calls it a miracle story or event that seldom happens, but really it is quite natural – certainly natural to the divine – and shouldn’t we find this kind of thing to be more commonplace?

His account is not preachy or terribly long but is truly heart-warming and well worth a read. To see exactly what happened to the butterfly click here.


¹ Message to The First Church of  Christ, Scientist, June 15, 1902, page 8
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