The curious case of Mr. Wright

The curious case of one Mr. Wright, suffering from advanced lymphosarcoma, who gets better and then worse and then better and then dies, reveals how what we think matters for our health.

Mr. Wright was a patient of psychologist Bruno Klopfer in 1957, had large tumors, and was expected to die from the disease. Mr. Wright gave a new drug called Krebiozen a try. Here’s how this sad but insightful case unfolded:

  • After receiving shots of Krebiozen over the course of several days, his tumors disappear.
  • Several months later after hearing news reports that question the effectiveness of the drug Mr. Wright has a relapse and is once again near death.
  • His doctor then tells him that the news reports were due to early shipments of the drug deteriorating and that this problem has been fixed. The doctor then gives him injections of water (a placebo). Mr. Wright becomes hopeful again and responds to the treatment (of just water).
  • But once again, after reading more news reports that indicate the drug is ineffective, Mr. Wright relapses again, is re-admitted to the hospital and in a couple of days, dies.

In her recent TEDx talk entitled, “Is There Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourselves?” Lissa Rankin, M.D. asks, “Can the mind really heal the body?” Her account of Mr. Wright’s experience really makes one think and her entire talk is worth the time it takes to view.

If the video does not appear below, view it by clicking here.

To see the Noetic Institute’s Spontaneous Remission Bibliography, click here.
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