Parsley, Prayer and Two Cases of Cancer Healed

Plate served with parsley (©GlowImages/Stock photo)
Plate served with parsley (©GlowImages/Stock photo)

Do you know why parsley has lost its place on the plate in restaurants? Remember how, years ago, your meal was always served with a little parsley on the side?

In an inspiring and insightful article in the Marietta Patch in Georgia earlier this month, Stormy Becker Falso draws a helpful lesson for health care from parsley and shares how two cases of cancer were healed.

Here’s a powerful excerpt:

“I needed to have a physical exam for a job. The examination turned up a growth on my back that the physician identified as cancerous. Before I left his office an appointment was made for me with an oncologist. As soon as the doctor made the pronouncement, I started reaching out to God. My faith had taught me that prayer would guide my journey. Before I could keep the appointment…”

This article will touch you and I heartily recommend it:
Parsley and Prayer – Don’t confuse health fads with effectiveness.

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