Which country has the healthiest people and what is their secret?

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In an interesting article published Wednesday in Psychology Today, Russ Gerber looks at the healthiest people on earth – according to a study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – and asks, “What is their secret?”

Gerber spoke with some acquaintances while on a business trip to this healthiest country and gleaned some insights. Here are few excerpts:

  • They strived to be kind and forgiving, calm and patient.
  • The consensus was that good health is normal, not exceptional, so what’s the big deal? It may be this: that by contrast the rest of us struggle to think of health as normal.
  • Some of [Gerber’s] acquaintances [there] brought up the point that spiritual pursuits were a normal part of their otherwise busy lives, and shouldn’t be marginalized as a contributing factor.
Which country was it? To read the article and find out, click here.
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