A Broader Spectrum of Care for Better Health Care Results?

Wendy Margolese (picture courtesy of Wendy Margolese)
Wendy Margolese (picture courtesy of Wendy Margolese)

Our health care system here in the U.S. is often compared and contrasted with the Canadian system that provides universal coverage. Each system has its virtues and its challenges.

Canadian health blogger Wendy Margolese from Toronto, Ontario, Canada recently wrote an interesting piece on Simcoe.com entitled, “Canadian Medicare: More Care in our Health Care System”.  She looks at their health care system in light of the award-winning movie “Escape Fire: The Fight To Rescue American Healthcare” that aired on CNN the past two weekends.

Margolese points out that Canada’s health care system is among the top 5 spenders but far from the top in results when measured in things like quality of care, wait time, and patient satisfaction. The U.S. health care system has a similar issue, because despite being the top spender (among all industrialized nations), its results fall way down the list – 50th in life expectancy, for example.

Margolese suggests that part of the solution may be found in a broader spectrum of care. Enjoy this perspective on health care from one of our neighbors to the north.

Click on this link to read: Canadian Medicare: More Care in our Health Care System.

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