Love Delivers

“Over 80% of Americans directly feel God’s love according to a survey conducted by the organization funded by the John Templeton Foundation”.

Steven Salt (Photo courtesy of Steven Salt)
Steven Salt (Photo courtesy of Steven Salt)

This was reported by Steven Salt last month in an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer ( entitled, “Love delivers healthy makeover”.

With some recent incidents in the news that just call out for compassion, this is good news.

Salt writes about a four-year initiative called the Flame of Love Project. He reports on how feeling God’s love increases compassion for others and how that often translates into acts of benevolence, which in turn are beneficial to the giver.

This love-impelled activity:

    • Improves physical well-being;
    • Raises self-confidence and self-esteem;
    • Encourages friendships;
    • May even help you live longer.

Taking an even broader perspective on love, the Fetzer Institute here in Michigan is focusing on how “individual awareness of love and forgiveness can make a transformative impact on the world.”

It appears that whether the issue is big or small, love delivers.

To read Salt’s article, click this link: Love delivers healthy makeover.

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