Nurture yourself with nature’s help

Miami Beach (Photo by Bob Cummings)
Miami Beach from hotel balcony (Photo by Bob Cummings)

“The mental and spiritual renewal you can find in a quiet stroll through an art exhibit or a contemplative hour on a beachside bench are just as important to your health as the many exercise options the bay area offers” writes Bob Clark of Belleair, Florida in The Tampa Bay Times last month.

While on a business trip to Miami this week, I’ve enjoyed quiet moments on my hotel balcony looking out over the water towards Miami Beach. It’s a peaceful setting in which to bask in the warm Florida sunshine, count my blessings, and contemplate my connection with the divine.

Clark recommends a number of places out and about in the Tampa Bay area that are good for “mind, body, and spirit”. Can you think of some places in your area to nurture yourself with nature’s help?

Read Clark’s article here: Get outdoors to nurture yourself with nature’s help

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