Tips From The World’s Oldest and Healthiest People

(©Glowimages/Stock photo)
(©Glowimages/Stock photo)

What helps us live a long and healthy life? It’s not money and it’s not a pill. It seems rather simple, really – intuitive almost.

Here are two articles that share lessons from people in Japan:

1.  10 Tips For a Healthy Life From The World’s Oldest Person

Jiroemon Kimura, who lived in a village in southern Japan, died recently at the age of 116.  Emina Bajra, who met Kimura shortly before his 115th birthday, shares his guidance for a long, healthy life in a June 18 article in the NorthHollywood-TolucaLake Patch in California.

The 10 tips include these:

    • See the good in adversity.
    • Moderate – eliminate strong preferences.
    • Be grateful.
    • Laugh often.

2.  The Healthiest People On Earth: What’s Their Secret? 

A study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation found that the healthiest people on earth are in Japan. On a business trip to Japan, Russ Gerber – writing about the future of healthcare in Psychology Today – sought to answer the question, “What is their secret?” 

In speaking with some Japanese acquaintances about their health care practices and lifestyles, here are a few tips he garnered:

    • They strive to be kind and forgiving, calm and patient.
    • They view good health as normal.
    • Some said that spiritual pursuits – including prayer and spiritual study – were a normal part of their otherwise busy lives, and shouldn’t be marginalized as a contributing factor.

Of course, implementing these health tips in our lives is up to us.

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