Spiritual vital signs

(©Glowimages/Stock Photo - models used for illustrative purposes only)
(©Glowimages/Stock Photo – models used for illustrative purposes only)

He spoke of a closet in their home with carbon inscriptions. It took me a moment to figure this out. Don’t worry – he explains it.

Steven Salt, writing about health, spirituality and thought in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, addresses vital signs – not just the usual: height, weight, body mass index, etc., but also spiritual vital signs.

Here are two brief excerpts:

    • “Dr. Puchalski calls spirituality an essential part of a person’s humanity and a critical factor in health and well-being.”
    • “Spirituality should be considered a patient vital sign.”

Read Salt’s article here: When it comes to health, spiritual “vital signs” measure up.

See more on his blog.

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