Mental Buoyancy Is Good For Health

(© photo - model used for illustrative purposes only)
(© photo – model used for illustrative purposes only)

An intriguing view of “buoyancy” as applied to thought comes from Health Blogger Beverly Goldsmith of Melbourne, Australia.

She writes:

“No one enjoys the ‘sinking feeling’ that often accompanies upsetting news. Some people can deal with it as if it’s nothing more than a blip on their emotional radar. For others, feeling down can seem like a way of life. While not acting indifferent to suffering, most of us want to resist the creeping tide of fear or despair, and to respond to life’s difficulties with strength and composure. This is where buoyancy can help keep our head and heart above the water line.”

 I recommend it: Keep thought buoyant! Its good for your health.

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One thought on “Mental Buoyancy Is Good For Health”

  1. Thanks so much Bob for posting a link to my blog. It’s good to know that ideas for staying mentally buoyant are universally applicable and appreciated. Everyone can find the way to stay emotionally “on top”, when bad news tries to get them down. Keep up your good work. You’re doing an excellent job.

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