How Health Care Is Moving Outside The Box

Ingrid Peschke (Photo courtesy of Ingrid Peschke)
Ingrid Peschke (Photo courtesy of Ingrid Peschke)

“It was the first time the question had been asked and the study turned up a surprising result: some 6 million Americans had used a mind-body therapy because their doctor had recommended it.”

What was the question?

“A 2011 study conducted by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School looked at how mainstream these mind-body therapies are becoming and whether doctors are prescribing things like yoga, deep breathing, relaxation techniques, meditation, etc.”

Ingrid Peschke, writing in her Health Conscious blog in The MetroWest Daily News, also shares an interesting question posed by Dr. Larry Dossey as she looks at this trend in: Prescriptions That Are Outside The Doctor’s Toolbox.

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