Looking Within For Individual Well-being

“Each of us has within us a divine spark.” ~Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Kate Johson (photo courtesy of Kate Johnson)
Kate Johson (photo courtesy of Kate Johnson)

In her recent article in Westminster Patch in Maryland, Kate Johnson, who writes about spirituality and health, takes a look at how women find better health by looking within.

Here are three excerpts showing some of the examples Johnson shares:

  • Dr. Riina, a family physician, “helps patients tap into their own spirituality to reduce stress and explore their potential for healing themselves.  “
  • Kanae Kinoshita, a chaplain at Bridgeport Health in Toronto, who provides spiritual care at the end of life, helps patients to “see how their beliefs have the power to shape their lives.”
  • Maria Rossiter-Thornton, a registered nurse “spoke of Helen Keller who said that everything must be felt with the heart. “

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