Placebos: Is what you SEE what you get?

(©Glowimages/stock photo)
(©Glowimages/stock photo)

Placebos can be a bit tricky. Color, size, shape, quantity, brand, price, and packaging all seem to matter.

Eric Nelson, Health Columnist from Los Altos, California who writes about the link between consciousness and health, delves into the visual cues involved with placebos in one of his recent articles in The Washington Times.

Here are two excerpts:

“Certainly there are times when our intuitions can be trusted; other times, maybe not so much. Of course, knowing just when our mind is playing tricks on us isn’t easy, but it is essential, especially when our health is involved.”

“For some this ability is bolstered through certain meditative practices, a quieting of the mind that helps them to see things more clearly and make better decisions. Others have found that a prayer-based opening of thought to a singular divine Mind helps them to sort things out.”

Read Nelson’s entire article here:
The visual appeal of placebos: What we see influences what we believe

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