A Healthy Attitude Is…Well…Healthy

“Do you have a healthy attitude?”

Keith Wommack (picture courtesy of Keith Wommack)
Keith Wommack (picture courtesy of Keith Wommack)

This question is tackled in a recent article by Keith Wommack, a syndicated columnist from Corpus Christi, Texas who focuses on the impact thought and spirituality have on health.

The article quotes Mark Hyman, M.D., author of Calm Your Mind, Heal Your Body, who said, “… the most powerful pharmacy in the world … is right between your ears!” Wommack then asks us to take this idea a bit further: “Healthier lifestyles might be found, not only in what’s between your ears, but, most importantly, in what’s between you and your God.”

He lists a number of divine characteristics that make for a healthy attitude and shares some steps on how to put this into practice.

The article spurred me to ask myself, “Does my attitude have the ‘identifying features of a spiritual consciousness – a divine attitude?'”

An interesting read: Do You Have A Healthy Attitude?

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