3 Health Articles For Christmas That Will Make Your Day

(©Glowimages/stock photo)
(©Glowimages/stock photo)

Here are three articles in the news recently with Christmas in mind that focus on the intersection of spirituality and health.

In the first article, Scrooge’s life lessons are adapted to health,  the second includes a personal account of gaining freedom from depression, and the third has a surprise ending that will make you smile.

1. Transforming a bah-humbug attitude into a healthier you

By Steven Salt, in Kent Patch (Ohio)

Excerpt: “An infestation of bah-humbug thinking pesters all of us from time to time. Helplessness, hopelessness, poverty, despair, and a host of pesky doubts can swarm us and even compromise our health. It turns out generosity can snap us out of the humbug funk and improve our well-being.”

He cites a book entitled, “The Heart of Religion: Spiritual empowerment, benevolence, and the experience of God’s love”. It reports: over 80% of respondents acknowledge they “experience God’s love as the greatest power in the universe.”

2. Debra Chew: Beating Holiday Depression – Mind, Heart, Body And Spirit

By Debra Chew, in the Chattanoogan (Tennessee)

Chew quotes Dr. Kenneth Porter, who, in his article ‘Healing Holiday Blues,’ states that, “the healing of depression, like the healing of any emotional or physical disturbance, occurs best on four levels of our being–mind, heart, body, and spirit.” She relates a personal experience: “About 10 years ago, I experienced a healing of depression that did include all four of these levels. … We made some changes … more important was the time I spent in prayer.”

3. A Christmas Eve Brings A Holy Gift

By Ingrid Peschke, in The MetroWest Daily News (Massachusetts)

Peschke shares how her family set aside their usual Christmas Eve traditions one year to accept an invitation from friends, and experienced more than one surprise. See how many gifts you can count in this one.

Have a healthy, happy Christmas!

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