Touching account of one man’s journey from obesity and diabetes to health

(©Glowimages/stock photo. Model used for illustrative purposes only.)
(©Glowimages/stock photo. Model used for illustrative purposes only.)

Come meet John. Seventy pounds overweight and in poor health – little exercise, a poor diet, and no energy. See how, with a few life-changing mental ‘turns’, he became healthy and full of vigor.

Last month, my colleague, Huffington Post “Changing Tides of Health” blogger Ingrid Peschke, shared a touching account of how a man she met in church recently had moved from obesity and diabetes to health.

John told Peschke: “Before this change, I needed a nap every day. One of the things that intrigues me is for the first time in my life, I haven’t gotten sick in the winter. No colds or seasonal flu and my lifelong bronchial problem has stopped.”

He also shared this insight: “Probably the most important part is to love yourself and love your neighbor — because without that, it makes doing any of the other things very hard.”

There’s a lot more to the story.

Recommended reading. Read the entire article on The Huffington Post:
One Man’s Journey From Obesity and Diabetes to Health.

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