A Trend in Healthcare Worth Noting

Russ Gerber (Photo courtesy of Russ Gerber)
Russ Gerber (Photo courtesy of Russ Gerber)

“Think carefully. It matters.”

This admonition comes from Russ Gerber, writing in Psychology Today in an “Our Health–The Future of Healthcare” column.

Here are two excerpts from an article of his discussing a healthy shake-up in health care — an article that seems as relevant today as when it first ran last fall:

“It doesn’t take yet another academic study to validate what mainstream folks intuit and find every day, that a commitment to spirituality is beneficial to their health.”

“Maybe something innate to us, something strongly supportive of health, something spiritual and natural is stirring the waters of everyday life and deserves closer and deeper attention. Think carefully. It matters.”

A quick read and well worth it: A Healthy Shake-up In Health Care.

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