Addiction: Can drugs really free us from drugs?

Tony Lobl (Photo courtesy of Tony Lobl)
Tony Lobl (Photo courtesy of Tony Lobl)

“Addiction is like a chasm opening up before you and enticing you to keep walking despite the dire consequences ahead,” says Tony Lobl, a Christian Science practitioner and writer on spirituality and health living in the U.K., writing in the Huffington Post UK last fall.

Lobl points out that more than one million Britons are addicted to prescription medications and according to the World Health Organization over 15 million world-wide suffer from drug-use disorders.

He makes this insightful observation: “perhaps surprisingly, when drugs become the problem, more drugs are often offered as the answer.”

In his article, he looks at non-drug interventions for addiction. These include a fairly well known 12-step program.

Gambling is another form of addiction, and using that as a case in point, Lobl offers another perspective in which “a spiritual vacuum” may be the thing that needs to be addressed. He shares how he found freedom from addiction in his own life by connecting with spiritual goodness and divine love through efforts in spiritual self-identification.

His Huffington Post article is a hopeful, solution-oriented piece worth a read:
Bridging the Gulf Between Addiction and Freedom.


You can see more on Tony Lobl’s blog here:
Connecting the Dots… Between Spirituality and Health.

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