Health effects of spirituality: placebo effect?

Wendy Margolese (Picture courtesy of Wendy Margolese)
Wendy Margolese (Picture courtesy of Wendy Margolese)

“No placebo effect going on there.”

Much attention has been given to the placebo effect. The placebo effect shows that what we believe – what we think – matters when it comes to health.

Some wonder if the positive effects on health of spirituality are simply a variant of the placebo effect. Wendy Margolese, Health Blogger in Ontario, Canada, takes up this question in a recent article in York Media.

Here’s an excerpt:

“One of my favorite Biblical accounts of Jesus’ approach to healing is the story of a man who, for thirty-some years, sat by a pool waiting for a stirring of the water – as this was believed to be done by an angel and thus have healing power. Is this not similar to the belief of health associated with a sugar pill?  Jesus did not sugarcoat his words when he commanded the man to take up his bed and go home – back to an active and productive life.  The man was healed immediately and gladly complied. And, he did not even expect to be healed by this passing stranger – no placebo effect going on there.”

In an honest assessment, Margolese acknowledges our need to “better understand the role spirituality, prayer and religious practices have on a person’s health.”

Read her article here: Are positive health impacts of spirituality simply a placebo effect?

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