The power of love for health and warmth

A cold, sunny, winter day in Michigan. (Picture by Bob Cummings)
A cold, sunny, winter day in Michigan. (Picture by Bob Cummings)

Consider this: “If scientists suddenly discovered a drug that was as powerful as love in creating health, it would be heralded as a medical breakthrough and marketed overnight – especially if it had as few side effects and was as inexpensive as love.”

This insight is from Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D. in his book, Healing Words.

We recently had some bitter-cold winter weather, like our neighbors to the south in Illinois. And that makes a recent Naperville Patch article by self-syndicated health columnist Tim Mitchinson in Illinois even more apropos for us here in Michigan. Mitchinson writes about how love and smiles are good for health and good when some warmth is much needed.

He quotes award winning author and journalist Lisa Collier Cool, writing for Yahoo Health, “If a growing body of research is to be believed, love can lengthen your life, ward off stress, boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, protect you from colds and flu, blunt your response to pain, hasten wound healing, and lower your risk of dementia in old age.”

Love sounds pretty powerful.

So, enjoy this – OK, forgive me – heart-warming article:
The health benefits of love – especially at -16°.

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