Needed indeed: New and alternative ways to relieve pain

Americans constitute only 4.6% of the world’s population, yet consume 80% of all opioids (painkillers).¹

This statistic, which appeared in the media again this week, again caught my attention. It brought to mind this observation from Escape Fire (which aired on CNN): “… the answers are not in a sack of pills.”

Bill Scott (Photo courtesy of Bill Scott)
Bill Scott (Photo courtesy of Bill Scott)

Bill Scott in Washington State, writing on the mental and spiritual aspects of health in, shared that pain expert Dr. Alex Cahana believes Americans “suffer more, not less” because of all the painkillers. Scott also spoke with Escape Fire director Matt Heineman, who said this about non-drug alternatives:

“There are spiritual aspects that aren’t recognized in traditional medicine. Look at Dr. Ornish and his work with Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. Blackburn. There is a growing body of evidence that the more amorphous treatments need to be recognized.”

Scott shares an example of a new approach in which a woman “felt ‘an overarching, spiritual sense of love’ which brought lasting relief” from chronic pain.

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¹ Source: Pain Physicians 2010.
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