Women’s History Month: One woman often overlooked

Women's History Month (©Glowimages/Stock photo)
Women’s History Month (©Glowimages/Stock photo)

She “was no ordinary woman. Behind her Victorian-era velvet and lace dress was a 21st century power suit.”

March is Women’s History Month. And so, appropriately, Ingrid Peschke, a regular health blogger on the Huffington Post, “highlights an often overlooked 19th century woman for her significant contributions to religion and health.” Peschke continues, “Her strength of character, courage and commitment are evident in the body of work she accomplished.”

  • What is this woman’s name and what is her remarkable story?
  • How did she test her conclusions?
  • Why did a doctor ask her to write a book about her findings in achieving health?

A great read from start to finish. Find the answers here: Women’s History Month…

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