Do You Think Of Achieving Health As A Battle?

Anna Bowness-Park (picture courtesy of Anna Bowness-Park)
Anna Bowness-Park (picture courtesy of Anna Bowness-Park)

“Make love, not war.”

Remember that one? I was around when it was a popular saying.

Do these sound familiar:

    • Fighting the flu
    • Battling cancer
    • Struggling with pain?

“Moving away from images of war or seeing our bodies as a battlefield can open up a new narrative for health.” This from Health Writer Anna Bowness-Park in The Vancouver Sun, discussing reframing how we talk about – and think about – health.

Bowness-Park shares a wonderful story of a woman who was “fighting” chronic back pain and found that the “back pain diminished and ultimately vanished” after she learned to feel loved.

Here’s a wonderful article that will get you thinking about having the upper hand when it comes to health: Owning our Health: The search for a new narrative on health.

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