A Christmas Gift of Forgiveness

(©Glowimages/stock photo)
(©Glowimages/stock photo)

“As we decide what to give to others for Christmas this year, why not consider the gift of forgiveness?”

This from friend and colleague Tim Mitchinson writing in the Peoria Journal-Star in Illinois about the benefits – including to health – of forgiveness.

He quotes Christian healer Mary Baker Eddy, who met wrongs with kindness and forgiveness and said, “I would enjoy taking by the hand all who love me not, and saying to them, ‘I love you, and would not knowingly harm you.’ Because I thus feel, I say to others: Hate no one; for hatred is a plague-spot that spreads its virus and kills at last…If you have been badly wronged, forgive and forget…”

Mitchinson says, “Let’s bring more peace and health on earth, by giving the gift of forgiveness this holiday season.”

A nice article at Christmas time or anytime: Give the gift of forgiveness.

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