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The Bible’s Place

I read something in a newspaper recently that got me to thinking about the Bible’s place in society.  Of course it is found in Christian churches.  It certainly is found in my Christian Science church.   And I teach from it in my Christian Science Sunday School.  It is found in the homes of Christians.   I have numerous copies in my home, most of them a bit worn.  Sometimes it is found in the classroom, but only under certain conditions.  I remember taking classes on the Bible in college, studying the Old Testament and then the New Testament.  These classes primarily looked at the Bible from a literary and historical perspective.

These, of course, are geographical places.  And these days the Bible is found in different forms.  My favorite is my black leather Bible.  I also have the Bible on my computer with additional translations, commentaries and Greek and Hebrew dictionaries for more in-depth study. The Bible is available on cassette and CD.  Some have a Pod-cast version. These are the physical forms and places in which the Bible is found.

But thinking a bit more broadly, where does the Bible find its place in the heart?

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