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IN THE NEWS Touching Examples Of How Love Is Curative

(© GlowImages / Stock photo)
(©GlowImages/Stock photo)

Two recent articles in the news tell touching stories that highlight the curative nature of love.

(1) Mum’s love and faith heals Liam Knight

February 17, The Sunday Telegraph in Sydney, Austrailia
by Clementine Cuneo


    • Liam’s remarkable recovery is testament to a mother’s love and determination to get her child better – and nothing will stop Mrs Knight now.
    • For the first time since Liam’s horrific injury, Mrs Knight has spoken of unimaginable pain that Friday night when she and Mr Knight were told to say goodbye to the youngest of their four sons.
    • “But I refused to believe it and I refused to say goodbye.”

(2) Metro Detroit dogs connect with people, ease stress

Front page story in Monday, Feb. 18 Detroit Free Press
by Patricia Montemurri and L.L. Brasier


    • Michigan is among a growing number of states where dogs are moving into courts, schools, prisons and juvenile facilities on the heels of new research that shows the emotional and physical benefits of dog-person contact, particularly for people in pain or in trouble.

“…love is of God…” ~ 1 John 4:7