Weight loss via prayer

Picture thanks to Robert Hruzek

We’re having fun now.  Stairs can be fun.  Better behavior is better.  And a change of motivation or thought can lead to better behavior.  But can a change of thought really lead to better health?  Is it possible to experience weight loss and better health through prayer?

In the video below entitled, “Are you ready to flourish?”, Evan Mehlenbacher, a Christian Science practitioner, teacher and public lecturer, shares how he experienced significant weight loss via prayer.

This talk was filmed at the Church Alive Summit in Pasadena, California in January 2011. View the video below for the last 7 minutes of the talk, starting with the experience of weight loss through prayer. The full video is a little over 22 minutes and is worth watching because Evan shares a development of ideas that helps us better understand how it happened. There is a link at the end of this blog post to view the entire talk. So, things? Or thoughts?

Click here for more information about healing in Christian Science.

Click here to view the video of Evan’s entire talk.

Video courtesy of The Christian Science Board of Lectureship.
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