Prayer in a Mercedes

(©Glowimages/Stock Photo)
(©Glowimages/Stock Photo)

Today is National Day of Prayer (see Presidential Proclamation — National Day of Prayer, 2013). Here’s a guest post written by Cynthia P. Barnett, media spokesperson and legislative contact for Christian Science in North Carolina, who shares her thoughts on the power of prayer.

It’s a little word, really. One that often gets overlooked in the drama of an exciting story as it’s told or recorded. The word is a soft one to say; it’s a meek word. But more than most, it’s a mighty word.

The word is PRAYER. I nearly missed it myself, buried at the very end of the newspaper account of “Danny,” the Boston Marathon bombers’ carjack victim. In Eric Moskowitz description of this harrowing experience, we follow the event from the Tsarnaev brothers first taking over the Mercedes at gun point, to Danny’s eventual escape to freedom. While the carjacker/bombers stopped for gas, Danny bolted from his Mercedes toward a nearby Mobil station across the street.

“I didn’t know if it was open or not,” said Danny. “In that moment I prayed.”

The station was indeed open, and he was able to call 911 on a portable phone given to him. He referred the officers to a Mercedes tracking satellite system, leading to the eventual capture of the bombers. Danny was safe.

We may never fully understand the power of prayer to save, redeem, and heal. Many may overlook or even pooh-pooh this small word, although it is evidence of trust in a higher, more spiritual means of deliverance. Some may even dismiss spirituality; they may be caught up in materialism or secular perspectives. The very idea of God or Infinite Good can be discomfiting to such as these. They are unused to praying when in trouble.

But many, like me, have been saved, redeemed, and healed when we turn to it. Danny can say he’s one of us.

Link to Cynthia Barnett’s blog

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