Ever considered detoxing thought?

Beverly Goldsmith (Picture courtesy of Beverly Goldsmith)
Beverly Goldsmith (Picture courtesy of Beverly Goldsmith)

“When showering, don’t just think about keeping externally clean. Look within.  Exfoliate dead-end thinking.  Cleanse away any build up of disappointment or resentment. Allow calming, comforting, reassuring, and peace-encouraging ideas to flow into thinking.”

This intriguing approach comes from Health Blogger Beverly Goldsmith of Melbourne, Australia, who examines how “detoxing your thought could lead to good mental health and bodily wellbeing.” She gives a number of interesting examples of applying a detoxification approach to one’s thinking and touches on how meditation, prayer, and spirituality can be incorporated.

A very thoughtful piece – highly recommended:
Detox your thought. It’s good for your health.

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One thought on “Ever considered detoxing thought?”

  1. Thanks Bob for publishing my post about the benefits of detoxing your thought. It’s so simple to do and best of it’s all health-giving. Washing away unhealthy thoughts and fears as you shower, is invigorating. Keep up your good work. Many thanks from “down under”.

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