Qualities for More Compassionate Care

Attention, sympathy and understanding. Compassion, humility and respect.

(Photo:©Glowimages.com/stock photo. Models used for illustrative purposes only).
(Photo:©Glowimages.com/stock photo. Models used for illustrative purposes only).

These are qualities that help make for more compassionate – more caring – care, regardless of the healing modality involved, according to Keith Wommack of Corpus Christi, Texas, a self-syndicated columnist who writes about health, thought, and spirituality.

Here’s an excerpt from his article last July entitled, When Your Physician Cares:

“All through the years, there have been practitioners from many modalities of healing that have applied spiritual techniques in their healing arts. We may not understand each of these healing methods, but perhaps you and I could agree that care, which expresses a measure of love, can brighten even the darkest moments in a sufferer’s struggle for comfort. Love heals.”

The wisdom from a physician he shares at the end is spot on.

To read the full article, click here: When Your Physician Cares.

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