Perspective Amidst Signs of Change in Health Care

Russ Gerber (Photo courtesy of Russ Gerber)
Russ Gerber (Photo courtesy of Russ Gerber)

Russ Gerber, in his latest article on Health Care in Psychology Today, writes:

“Humorist Art Buchwald said ‘The best things in life aren’t things.’ Perspective matters.”

With Health Exchanges open and many considering insurance choices and costs, Gerber nudges us to take a deeper perspective:

“Much of what we call health care starts to look like a numbers game.  Or so seems the perspective from the unstable surface.”

“What the numbers don’t reveal, and what they can’t make up for, is the deeper need people feel for calm, simplicity, fearlessness, a quieter mind and body, qualities that form the bedrock of a healthy and happy life. It doesn’t take yet another academic study to validate what mainstream folks intuit and find every day, that a commitment to spirituality is beneficial to their health.”

To read Gerber’s entire article, click here: A Healthy Shake-up In Health Care.

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