Unplug to connect?

Picture I took in Venice, Italy
Picture I took in Venice, Italy

Sounds almost a little counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? But read on.

As one who has been to Venice and also one who enjoys Rick Steves’ travel programs, the lead paragraph in a recent Vancouver Sun article by Health Writer Anna Bowness-Park drew a vivid word picture for me:

“On a recent Rick Steves travel program, Steves made the comment that taking a gondola ride in Venice has changed. No longer are couples likely to be romantically basking in each others arms as the gondolier navigates them through the narrow canals. Instead, they are on their cellphones taking photos, texting and communicating the moment to others half a world away. Shortly after hearing that I travelled to Venice on vacation and saw firsthand how accurate Steves was.”

She discusses the “spiritual ability within each of us” to connect with the Divine and to one another, and the benefit to health of using it.

See how she applies the idea of a Sabbath to the use of technology. An interesting read:
Owning our Health: Tech Sabbath shows benefits of unplugging. 

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